My Creative Art Workshops give people the opportunity to have a go! Try out brush strokes, and different techniques while learning new ways of working. I have been working with various media over the years and am passionate about sharing and developing skills for all abilities.

I have been teaching art and running weekly art classes since Easter 2000. I offer creative art workshops in most media and I love giving people the opportunity to try new techniques and be adventurous, exploring ways of ‘having a go’ in a relaxed environment. I love to encourage and inspire people wherever there is a desire to learn and have fun.

For those who prefer a more focused approach, I also offer one to one tuition.

One to one Private lessons are priced from £45 per hour.

Interested in a workshop for your school or art society? Group workshops and Demonstrations POA. Please contact me directly for any enquiries.

Click through the tabs below to find out more about the different types of medium I teach.

From an introduction session to oil painting to a longer series of classes.

In my oil painting workshops I offer beginners and improvers opportunity to try out this medium with a chance to paint enjoying the process with my help and guidance. I have taster workshops in which people can try and see if this is a medium to explore, and in my regular weekly workshops one can pursue the challenge on a weekly basis.
Oil painting is a wonderful medium and the pigments /colours are bound in oil such as poppy seed or linseed which gives them a rich creamy texture and glossy finish. I love to work in oils myself and enjoy the process immensely.

Pastel workshops can either stand alone or be used in my collage/mixed media workshops.

The chalk pastels are pigments mixed with a binder and rolled into small crayons ready to be used directly onto the prepared surface.

Some are very soft and crumble but are great for blending onto the surface of the paper; others are quite hard and are more suitable for drawing with. It always pays to buy the best quality you can afford as the cheaper ones tend not to give a very good finish and can look dull and flat…

I use a good quality pastel paper with an abrasive surface so as the pastel clings to the paper and can be built up in layers and I use a spray fixative during the process of building up layers. Oil pastels are bound with oil and are different to chalk pastels; they can be blended with a little white spirit to create a wash.

From an introduction session to watercolours to a longer series of classes or perhaps location sessions?

I work in watercolour a lot and love this free flowing transient medium. It needs to be controlled by the amount of water used, going from wet into wet to dry brush strokes. People sometimes have a fear using this medium as it is a transparent medium and mistakes aren’t easily covered up. They can be removed using water and I often help people to be brave and we wash the painting under the tap!

I have done a number of workshops in watercolour and often add on a plus so as we have the freedom to add gouache which is a watercolour with added chalk so to make it opaque. I love to help people discover different techniques with watercolour and experiment with lots of extra things like adding salt to a wash or candle wax.

Sometimes I take a group of people from my weekly classes outside to paint or we travel to a local beauty spot. I try to encourage people to use a sketch book and draw regularly

From an introduction session to acrylic painting or a longer series of classes.

With acrylic painting it can be used with lots of water a bit like watercolour, once dry it is permanent unlike watercolour that is removable with water. I use acrylic with watercolour and pastels.

Some of my weekly group like to paint in acrylic and others love to stick with watercolour. I offer one off acrylic workshops with the opportunity to try this medium or in my regular weekly classes a chance to try all the different mediums.

The pen and ink workshops can be as a stand-alone or in conjunction with watercolour or acrylic as a pen and wash.

I use lots of different inks some waterproof and some not. I love the Indian ink which now comes in different colours and is great with collage and mixed media. I use calligraphy inks and pens, dip in pens and ruling pens as well as feathers and sticks. I don’t stick to rules so anything goes with me.

I have introduced working with ink, pen and wash to my regular weekly classes and had one off day workshops at Hanger Farm Arts Centre.

Collage means to stick, so sticking on newspaper, tissue paper and a variety of things that can be stuck. I use PVA glue to stick on to prepared surfaces and work on top. Mixed media can mean more than one medium used in the same painting.

Mostly I enjoy using collage and mixed media as there is such an amazing freedom, no rules just fun experimenting and see what comes?

I’ve introduced collage/mixed media to my regular weekly classes and have held one day workshops at various locations.

Silk painting is a real joy, the silk ink just flows onto the silk and unless a boundary is put on first using Gutta, it will go where ever it wants. Not a medium for fine detail but great for abstract work. Although if a medium called Aqua Grund is applied to the silk before using the ink and left to dry,a watercolour effect can be achieved. The painting can be fixed once dry using either a hot iron or a steamer depending on what ink is used. Great for making silk banners/flags and scarves.

Before starting the painting the silk has to be stretched over a frame and pinned on using special pins.

I offer workshops in this medium and can supply all materials and frames.

Water Lily – Acrylic on Canvas

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