Walking on Broadway

Another example of one of my collage/mixed media paintings. This was done not long after the death of my mother. I was asked to do a demonstration for an art society at Lee-on the-Solent. They wanted me to demonstrate how I go about doing a collage/mixed media and I chose to use one of my photographs from my time in New York 1999. The photograph of Broadway had my mum in it, hurrying along in front of my brother and I, we had a smile as we thought she was eager to get to the shops.

This painting has become very important to me as time had gone on. I had a number of my paintings made into prints. The large print of this painting was placed in a frame and stood in my fire place whilst I was doing an open studio slot with The Hampshire Open Studios 2012. My husband was looking at the picture and after a while he asked me ‘Who is the little girl in the picture?’ I replied ‘What little girl?’ after searching the picture I couldn’t see any little girl. My husband then pointed to the left hand side of where I had placed the woman dressed in an orange coat and I saw what looked like a small child wearing a white dress under the left arm of the woman. The painting has a message, I feel it will be used to help take the message of The Gospel of Peace, Hope and Reconciliation to a needy world. Stepping out in faith.

15”X 17” Collage/Mixed Media Painting

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