Pillars of Creation

The inspiration for the next painting came from outer space. I love the images taken by The Hubble Space Telescope. A scientist friend very kindly emailed STScI (Space Telescope Science Institution) for me and explained my desire to use the images as a source of inspiration with my paintings. I was very pleased to have a reply saying I could use the images as long as I gave credit to them, which of course I do.

This image was inspired from the Hubble Image Gaseous Pillars in M16 called EAGLE NEBULA or PILLARS OF CREATION. I was told it is where baby stars are made, how amazing! I painted onto the silk which was stretched over a frame and pinned on with special silk painting pins. I used silk inks called Seta Silk and various other media to get the desired effect. The finished piece could have been pressed with a hot iron to set the silk paint should I had decided not to have it framed behind glass but keep it as a banner, then it could be washed without the colours running, retaining the design.

Print and original available for sale.
22”X 23” Silk Painting
For sale unframed £995

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