Broadway Days

Print and original painting available for sale.
12”X 17” Collage/Mixed Media Painting
For sale unframed £408

I’ve painted a number of New York City Scapes from photographs I took during a holiday 1999 when my mother and I visited my brother in Albany the capital city of New York State, U.S.A. I had just been recently introduced to collage and mixed media and found such a freedom with it.

I’ve enjoyed using this technique ever since and have adapted it somewhat to suit my impressionistic style of painting. Collage in French means to glue or stick, basically I prepare the surface I am going to work on with layers of news paper and acid free tissue paper, these can be placed and stuck down at random or can be planned depending on the subject and how I feel at the time. I use PVA glue and stick down all the collage gluing over the top, I sometimes speed up the drying process with a hair dryer.

I then spray the surface with water and drop in a couple of colours of acrylic ink watching the explosions of pigments as they mix on the surface of the painting. Again it’s all experimental and just the beginning of the created process. I build up the painting with layers of collage and inks before I make a start at composing the image. I can work from reference photographs or sketches done earlier, or go with the flow and see what emerges. Great Fun!

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